Thursday, May 6, 2010

An award earned...

It's great to get appreciation for your work. Sarah recently received a design award for work she did last summer for Campus Crusade for Christ's National Staff Conference. "Graphic Design: USA" or "GD:USA" annually gives out acknowledgments for a variety of submitted works from organizations and businesses all over the US. One set of awards they grant are called "In-house design awards", essentially designs done within the organization and not hired out. Quite a bit of "in-house" stuff is done for CCC.

It was a pleasant surprise and an incredible boost for Sarah's week (and year, so far). In celebration of these awards, GD:USA releases an annual journal with all the acknowledged designs...we look forward to seeing Sarah's work in that publication this July.

Kirk and Sarah


phyllis thomas said...

Yay! 'Bout time someone recognized the Amazing Art by Mrs. Kirk Irwin! Congratulations, friend! I'm so happy for youl

Chris said...

Nice work Sarah. It is both beautiful and thematically right on target. Really well done and deserving recognition!