Thursday, April 29, 2010

A "WOW quote

Was in Systematic Theology class today and my professor shared this extended quote on the nature of Christ as both 100% God and 100% man. It's a good quote and wanted to share it with you:

“He was tempted as man, but he conquered as God; yea, he bids us be of good cheer, for he has overcome the world. He hungered—but he fed thousands; yea, he is the bread that gives life, and that is of heaven. He thirsted—but he cried, ‘If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink.’ Yea, he promised that fountains should flow from them that believe. He was wearied, but he is the rest of them that are weary and heavy-laden. . . He prays, but he hears prayer. He weeps, but he causes tears to cease. He asks where Lazarus was laid, for he was man; but he raises Lazarus, for he was God. He is sold, and very cheap, for it is only for thirty pieces of silver; but he redeems the world, and that at a great price, for the price of his own blood. As a sheep he is led to the slaughter, but he is the shepherd of Israel, and now of the whole world also. . . He is lifted up and nailed to the tree, but by the tree of life he restores us; yea, he saves even the robber crucified with him; yea, he wrapped the visible world in darkness. . . He lays down his life, but he has power to take it again; and the veil is rent, for the mysterious doors of heaven are opened; the rocks are cleft, the dead arise.”
—Gregory of Nazianzus

This will be one I chew on for a while. I hope you do too.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring is springing

Hey Friends,

Sarah went out to our small backyard the other day and smelled the jasmine before she saw it, and she was quite excited. We planted two jasmine bushes flanking our back gate over two years ago and only this year are we seeing the flowers, called "Confederate Flowers" after the star on the Confederate flag (we are in the South after all). Sarah is a fan of the scent.
Some of our other flowers and plants are also thriving, including the series of herbs we've planted and are using in our cooking. I'd be the first to admit that I did NOT inherit a green thumb from my parents (Sarah would say the same about herself)...something they lament...I loathed pulling weeds, but there is a satisfaction in seeing things you plant, grow and bear fruit.

I hope your spring is producing not only fruit in your gardens but also your lives as well as the "field" God has placed you in. If our experience is the case, you don't have to have a green thumb to bear fruit.

Kirk & Sarah

Monday, April 5, 2010

Big Break 2010 Report

Interesting stats for Big Break 2010 (February 27-April 3)
Total number of Big Break attendees: 3086
Total Meals packed for Haiti: 1,009,368
Total times Christ was shared on the beach: 10725
Total number of people who trusted Christ: 1673

1 Million Meals

Check out a news cast about Big Break 2010:
1 Millions Meals: Big Break Report

the Conference Starts!
To get a sense of the energy of the students who attended Big Break 2010, here's a video taken by one of them during the 'countdown' they watched before meetings:

Video Promotion
For a change of pace this year, we had a contest to see what students could come up with to promote Big Break. The videos were judged in two waves. First by the popular student vote. Then, the top 50% of those were judged by 3 staff who are integrally connected to the conference (Shelby—the emcee, Ben—speaker and trainer for beach evangelism, and Hersh—speaker.)

Here's the winning video from the University of Iowa:

Here's the runner-up from West Virginia University:

I think these are both really well done! What a difficult choice. If you're curious about the other entries, go to: big break video