Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Texas for Thanksgiving via Baton Rouge

Hello all,

We are here in Waxahachie, Texas (about 30 minutes south of Dallas) for Thanksgiving. making plans with Sarah's family for the spread of food we will be partaking of in a few days.

On our trip across the south we stopped off at some of Sarah's friends in Baton Rouge, Scott and Jennifer Erwin...no relation as far as I am aware. The Erwin's have housed us before on our trips back and forth across the country and we are eternally grateful for their generosity. The rest of their family is made up of their two daughters Lily and Anna, and finished off with their dog Abby, and cat Ella. When Sarah and I usually arrive at their place I immediately go play with the dog and Anna brings Sarah the cat...I guess we gravitate toward our own species. Both Scott and Jennifer have been wonderful supporters of Sarah's over the years and we are thankful for the use of their home and the availability of their pets...

From the road...